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The amazing story of the fake Queen Anne Chocolates

The amazing story of the fake Queen Anne Chocolates

This is the amazing story of Queen Anne ‘plastic fantastic’ fake chocolates circa 1950s, as shared by Mrs. W from Hamilton. Mrs. W recalls that she and her family had a trip to Christchurch when she was about 12. She can’t remember where she got these fake chocolates, but we would hazard a guess it was from one of the Queen Anne shops trading at the time – the mystery deepens!
When our 12-year-old Mrs. W got home she took them over to her next-door neighbour (Mrs. J) to play a trick on her. Mrs. J was so cross when she realised that these were plastic chocolates (they looked very realistic!) that she threw them out the window. And that is why one is missing, as it was never found!
Mrs. W kept that box of fake chocolates over all those years – amazing! 

And this is why the fabulous Queen Anne shop window displays didn’t melt

We are counting down to our 100th Anniversary in 2025 and collecting people’s reminiscences and stories of Queen Anne – many an old box is tucked away in the back of cupboards. If you have an old box or a memory to share, we would love to hear from you.
Celebrating happy memories for 98 years with Queen Anne

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