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Queen Anne’s 98th Anniversary

Queen Anne’s 98th Anniversary

In 1925 my grandfather Ernest Adams, with his partner Hugh Bruce set up the Queen Anne Chocolate ‘Studio’ in College St, Wellington and the rest, as they say, is history...

Unfortunately, my grandfather died many years before the relaunch of Queen Anne & I wish that I’d had the opportunity to ask him - why the name ‘Queen Anne’ (on behalf of all of you who have asked me this question over the years)?

There is a hint to which Queen Anne as the original boxes have the Lion motif from the Normandy Flag. This would date back to the 1700’s and Queen Anne, the last Stuart monarch – or perhaps it was just a regal name for a box of chocolates?

We are counting down to our 100th Anniversary in 2025 and collecting people’s memories and stories of Queen Anne – many an old box is tucked away in the back of cupboards. If you find one, please let me know.

Here’s one of my favourite stories from days gone by….
“In the late 1930’s luxuries were few and far between in our family of 10. Our eldest sister was being courted by a young man who always bought her a box of Queen Anne to take to the pictures on Saturday nights. The 1lb box had two layers and my sister always saved the bottom layer to bring home to the family. We looked forward to a chocolate on Sundays (she married him!)!

Celebrating happy memories for 98 years with Queen Anne.

Sarah from Queen Anne Chocolates


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