Caramels Past & Present

Since the 1920’s Queen Anne has been making caramels in all types and flavours. Does anyone remember these gems from the past?

Do you remember the famous Queen Anne Turtles? We found this old artwork from the 1960s but didn’t know much about them until Betty messaged to say they were made as circles of caramel, topped with Walnuts and smothered with chocolate (thanks Betty!) 

So that’s the past and now to the present - did you know our Caramel & Marshmallow Bars are just the Butter Mallow (see above) in another guise. 
And our delicious Salted Caramels are made from an original caramel recipe then given a modern twist with a dash of Marlborough Sea Salt - delish!
This is how they start ….

And this is how they finish…. 

Spoil yourself today

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