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Queen Anne’s 99th Anniversary

Happy New Year - this is a special year for Queen Anne, as it's our 99th anniversary! While we continue to make new and delicious chocolate treats, we are also looking back to celebrate our past. Over the years, many people have shared their memories of Queen Anne and why our chocolate was so special to them. Here's one of my favorite stories about the Queen Anne shop in Dunedin:

“My fondness for them (Queen Anne Chocolates) goes back to my school days in Dunedin when we had to wait at the tram terminus in High St. We would smell the lovely rich chocolate smell and had a bright idea. If we saved our tram penny by running down from Mornington, we could spend it at the Queen Anne shop. With one penny, we could buy a large marshmallow about 2 inches in diameter covered with a thick layer of first-grade chocolate and coated in coarse coconut! Our fathers never did work out why we wore out the leather soles in our shoes as quickly!”

We are counting down to our 100th anniversary in 2025 and are putting together a legacy collection of items from years gone by. Over the years, we have collected all manner of memorabilia. This includes old boxes, special Queen Anne tins, glass sundae dishes, and metal sundae sauce measuring dippers from the iconic Queen Anne ice cream sundaes.

To celebrate our 99th anniversary, we want to add to our legacy collection - do you have one of these treasures? If so, please contact us and we will swap it for our two-layer Heritage Selection 400g boxed chocolates (offer applies to the first 20 boxes or other old Queen Anne memorabilia received).


Celebrating happy memories for 99 years with Queen Anne

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