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Peppermint – The Flavour of Christmas

Peppermint and Christmas go hand in hand and Peppermint has been one of Queen Anne’s most popular flavours since we started way back in the 1920’s.
This Christmas, we’ve got a delicious range of Peppermint Chocolate treats just perfect for gorgeous gifts and stocking stuffers.
In the 1920s Queen Anne introduced a chewy chocolate covered mint nougat which continues to be a favourite today.
Our 140g Dark Chocolate Mint Nougat box makes the perfect little gift.
Long-lasting, super chewy Peppermint Nougat is smothered in dark chocolate. These chewy morsels will keep you going right into the New Year.
To me, it really starts to feel like Christmas when the Peppermint Crèmes come out.
We always have a box handy over the Christmas season for when friends drop by.
Our handmade, naturally flavoured Dark Chocolate Peppermint Crèmes are one of our most popular dark chocolates, made from the original Queen Anne Peppermint Patty recipe. Smooth Peppermint fondant is coated in rich dark chocolate to make the perfect after dinner or Boxing Day treat. Our generous 200g box makes an elegant gift.
Can you tell us what decade this retro Queen Anne Peppermint Creams box is from?

Peppermint and marshmallow have been a delicious combo since Queen Anne chocolates began. Way back we had a peppermint marshmallow chocolate called Mello Mints.
Who remembers this packaging?

Nowadays we have a whole school of chocolate peppermint marshmallow fish including our Dark Chocolate Peppermint Fish and Dark Chocolate Peppermint Fish Bites – just like Chocolate Fish but smaller. The Fish Bites come in a 170g box and are perfect as a gift or on a Christmas dessert platter.
Who wouldn’t want to find a Peppermint Fish (or two) in their stocking if they’ve been good all year? Why not leave one out for Santa on Christmas Eve? I’m sure he’d love that!


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