Our Queen Anne Dark Chocolate Coffee Cremes have been around forever

Maybe not quite forever… but they are as popular now as they were in the 1920’s. 

When we first relaunched the Queen Anne Chocolates in 1998 one of the original recipes that we found was for Coffee Creams.  It’s a fondant cream made with real coffee for an authentic flavour. We still make these creams in the same traditional way before smothering them in dark chocolate.  The only change is the shape - our Dark Chocolate Coffee Cremes were rectangles and now they are a large round ‘pattie’ - so there is more to enjoy.

Boxed Chocolates never go out of style, and they are a Kiwi favourite for Christmas gifts. The Dark Chocolate Coffee Cremes are part of our range of Milk Chocolate Selection, Dark Chocolate Selection, and Milk & Dark Chocolate Selections which include all the favourite fillings & flavours across creams, caramels, jellies & nougats. Treat someone special or spoil yourself today.

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